Paper Shredding Service in Bury

Paper Shredding Service in Bury A confidential, professional paper shredding service in Bury is available from Document & Data Shred. Our processes and procedures all comply with BS EN 15713 and we are ISO 9001 accredited and members of the British Security Industry Association. Our staff are all BS 7858 vetted. Not using a professional service of this type can be costly in ways one doesn’t always foresee!

In Bury, our paper shredding service is used to assist commercial clients in several areas of their operations. Firstly, many companies find that they simply do not have space to store documents on-site. Although many businesses have tried to become paperless or at least reduce the amount of paperwork produced it is not always feasible. Some individuals also don’t trust computers and servers with all their data and would rather have paper back-up. In addition, some commercial entities are, for a variety of reasons, reluctant to place documents into storage where they feel they are at risk of fire, water damage or loss. Some storage units also make it difficult to access files and so on when they are needed. Finally and very importantly, many commercial entities are bound by legal, moral, ethical and professional requirements when it comes to safeguarding their customer’s personal information. One can’t just get rid of documents. Incorrect disposal of documents means that a business has failed to comply with an aspect of the Data Protection Ac. This could result in a fine or legal action. We will collect the confidential waste, dispose of it, issue a certificate of destruction and recycle the paper.

If you need a paper shredding service in Bury we can help. Our staff will assess your needs by conducting a complimentary data security survey and identify the ideal solution for you. Contact Document & Data Shred today.

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