Secure Document Destruction in Macclesfield, Vital for Your Business

Secure Document Destruction in MacclesfieldSecure document destruction in Macclesfield is a very necessary act. Regardless of your type of business, certain documents remain valid and in storage for a certain number of years. However, at the end of this time, they can be disposed of. Merely tearing them in half and tossing them away will not suffice. It is easy to put them back together and obtain important information from them. This is how criminals get away with identity theft and fraud. You and your business could be held liable should such an act occur. It is therefore essential to destroy the old documents securely and thoroughly. Not sure what is the best method?

Give us ring to schedule a visit to your premises. In Macclesfield, secure document destruction is a service that e offer to all our clients. The way it works is easy. We’ll speak to you about your specific requirements and offer our suggestions. Our team will deliver lockable console in which you can place your documents ready for shredding. When these are full, we’ll collect them from you and transport them to our secure shredding facility. The contents are fed into the high capacity shredding machine and all your documents are effectively and thoroughly destroyed. On top of that, we’ll provide a certificate of destruction. This is your evidence that the documents have been ethically, securely shredded. In addition, all the items shredded are turned into usable tissue products.

You can rely on our services for secure document destruction in Macclesfield. Our document shredding service meets the new British Standard BS EN 15713. For more details about our secure document destruction service, contact Doc Data. In addition, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that your clients’ information is safe from harm.  Each business is held accountable for the security of the personal information of its customers. This means that it is your responsibility to properly destroy all old and no longer necessary paperwork. You can fulfil this responsibility by taking the first step and giving us a cal. Let us assist.

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