Paper Shredding in Tameside – Protect Your Valuable Information

Paper Shredding in Tameside Reliable and timely paper shredding in Tameside helps you to protect valuable personal information. Whether you run a business,  in charge of an institution, or an individual, privacy and safety top priorities in daily life today. At Doc Data, we offer a confidential, nationwide shredding service. We can handle all your destruction needs, right from evaluating your unique requirements, to providing security lockers, collecting the materials and destroying them and providing you with a certificate of destruction. Our sister company handles recycling of paper and paper products, and this makes it  convenient, environmentally friendly and complete service.

For businesses in Tameside, paper shredding helps you to stay in compliance with data protection laws. For individuals, it ensures that their personal information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Many of us assume that old and outdated papers are worthless. However, every bit of information that unscrupulous persons collect helps them to conduct their nefarious activities. Your address, full name, telephone number, contained in cash receipts, bills and invoices are a treasure trove of data for crooks. The papers we casually toss into our waste paper baskets is more valuable than we know. Though you may wonder why someone would rummage through trash, it’s more common than you think.  Identity theft, fraud and online scams are the order of the day today. That is why it’s crucial that you don’t provide easy access through a paper trail.

Paper shredding in Tameside must be undertaken by a professional service when you have large quantities to handle. Shredding also prevents crowding up landfills with waste paper that contains chemicals in the form of adhesives and inks. We offer an affordable and efficient service that is customised to align with your unique specifications. You can opt for different collection schedules according to your convenience. Our firm is associated with prestigious organisations such as the British Security Industry Association and the Recycling Association, making us a reliable and reputed company. Contact Doc Data for more information on our paper shredding services. Destroying paper-based information is also a legal requirement. Privacy and confidentiality of staff and customers are the responsibility of the business owner. Non-compliance can result in huge penalties and fines.

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