Archive Clearout in Oldham – Ensure the Safe Disposal of Your Documents

Archive Clearout in Oldham Our archive clearout in Oldham helps to safely dispose of old documents. Clearing out your archives is a daunting task. If you want to destroy several documents efficiently, you should hire professionals. Once you verify that the documents you have in the archives are no longer needed, it is best to destroy them. Keeping irrelevant documents consumes valuable space and can incur unnecessary storage expenses. Keeping documentation that you no longer need also puts people at risk of identity fraud. If the documents contain personal information, the privacy act requires you to dispose of them confidentially.

Our company specialises in the destruction and disposal of sensitive documents. In Oldham, our archive clearout service ensures that you cannot recover any document we destroy. We use high-power shredders to destroy the documents then recycle the wastepaper into other products such as paper cups. Our approach is highly efficient and eco-friendly. Regular office shredders are slow and need close monitoring. It takes our machines ten minutes to shred the load that an office shredder would clear in eight hours. Shredding large volumes of material in a short time saves time, money and human resources.

If you need a confidential archive clearout in Oldham, look no further. We have comprehensive protocols for handling sensitive documents. We will provide you with sealable bags to put the sensitive documents. Then we securely collect and transport the sealed bags to our shredding centre. Here, the sealed bags and their contents will be destroyed without being opened. We issue you a certificate of destruction once the documents have been shredded. As members of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA), our processes are fully compliant with the latest document destruction standard BS EN 15713. If you need professional help clearing out your archive, contact Doc Data today. We tailor our services to suit each client’s needs. Our staff will guide you through all our services and help you select the one best suited for your need.

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