Secure Document Destruction in Middleton – Keep Your Information Safe

Secure Document Destruction in Middleton Choose a company that provides secure document destruction in Middleton for your peace of mind. As a business, you undoubtedly have many old documents that are no longer needed, but still pertinent information in them. Quite a large number of people think that by tossing old papers and records in the bin they’re disposing their old documents. This is, hoever, not true and could cause potential problems for both your business and your clients. The best way to keep your personal and your clients’ details is to have them securely shredded. It makes sense to use the professional services of a well-established shredding company.

For your business in Middleton, secure document destruction is likely the best way to safeguard old information.  If you need more information on how we can assist, give us a ring. We can conduct a survey to determine your information security needs. After the survey, we will work out a service schedule that suits your requirements. We will deliver secure lockers, and these are lockable. All the documents that your business no longer needs and would like destroyed are placed into the locked console. Once your locker is full, and at a time that is convenient to you, we will collect the consoles and transport them to our secure shredding facility. The documents are then securely shredded by our large capacity shredding machines, ensuring they are thoroughly destroyed. We will also provide a certificate of destruction as your evidence that your confidential documents have been securely disposed of.

Secure document destruction in Middleton is completed with the new British Standard BS EN 15713 as the guideline. We are members of the BSIA, and our staff is uniformed, identifiable and vetted to BS 7858. All the documents that are shredded at our secure facility are recycled back into paper products. If you would like more information, or to schedule a survey, contact Doc Data. When you use our expert services, you are keeping your clients safe from identity theft and fraud. Also, you are helping to conserve our environment. Make sure that all your old documents are securely destroyed and keep your clients’ confidential information safe.

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