Choose an Expert Team to Assist with Your Paper Recycling in Stretford

Paper Recycling in StretfordPaper recycling in Stretford has never been easier and more secure with Doc Data. We offer a confidential shredding service, which includes the recycling of shredded paper into other usable products. We don’t only focus on the security aspect, but also the eco-conscious aspect. We’re proud to say that the equivalent of 14 trees is saved for every tonne of recycled paper. First, we securely destroy your confidential waste, and then we repurpose it. Additionally, we combine our document shredding services with the paper recycling services offered by our sister company, Elsa Recycling Group.

For businesses and individuals alike in Stretford, paper recycling cam be done with our assistance. We are a friendly and professional team who strive to provide an efficient and trusted service to all of our customers. Whether you require regular or once-off paper recycling, we cater our services to suit your needs. Our high-capacity machines can handle shredding in 10 minutes, whereas a regular office shredder will take multiple hours to shred the same amount. We use purpose-built shredding machinery that enables us to handle high volumes of shredding.

If you are looking for assistance with paper recycling in Stretford, don’t hesitate to contact Doc Data. We provide a complimentary Data Security Survey to identify your information security services. Then, we’ll provide locked consoles for you to safely deposit your sensitive documents. From there, we collect the lockers and securely destroy your confidential waste. Once appropriately shredded and your Certificate of Destruction is issued, we will then recycle the shredded documents. With the seamless integration of Elsa Recycling Group’s services, a wide variety of paper products are manufactured from the recycled documents. Choose Doc Data for all your document shredding and paper recycling needs.

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