Document Disposal in Rochdale, Completely Effective, Completely Safe

Document Disposal in RochdaleIt makes sense to use a professional company for your document disposal in Rochdale for your business. It’s necessary to retain documents and essential information regarding your clients for a certain number of years. However, after this time, they can be discarded. Yet, they do need to be done so in a responsible and efficient manner. They also need to be correctly shredded to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your clients’ information. Unfortunately, too many people merely toss the old documents into the rubbish bin, forgetting that it is their responsibility to abide by the data protection act.

For all sized businesses in Rochdale, document disposal by our team is expertly done. We know how important it is to ensure the safety of your clients’ confidential information. Our expert shredding services will do this. Speak to us about your business’ specific requirements, and we can tailor our services accordingly. We use our high capacity shredding machine at our facility. This efficient machine can shred in minutes what would take a conventional office shredder 8 hours to complete. Each staff  member of our team is vetted to BS 7858. As members of the BSIA, our services meet the British Standard BS EN 15713. You can be sure that your business’ old documents are securely disposed of. Additionally, when the shredding is complete, we will send you a certificate of destruction.

Document disposal in Rochdale can be arranged by speaking to our expert team. It is essential to maintain the security of your business clients’ information at all times. This is how we can assist by providing our professional shredding services. Moreover, we take responsibility to recycling seriously. All the documents we shred are recycled into consumable tissue products. For more details about our document disposal services, contact Doc Data. We also take security seriously. As such, at our facility, we have state of the art systems in place, including CCTV and alarms. You can rely on our professional shredding services for your business. Simply speak to us about your needs and we’ll provide the perfect plan.

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