Shredding Services in Macclesfield Ensure Your Clients’ Information is Secure

Shredding Services in Macclesfield When you choose a professional company for shredding services in Macclesfield, you are choosing safety and security. It is necessary to ensure that your clients’ personal information is safe. Even if the documents on file are old and no longer in use, the information within is still useful. Unscrupulous criminals can use this information for identity theft and fraud. The data protection act is a legal requirement of any business that deals with a third party’s information. The best way to stay compliant, and to stay safe, is to shred old, unwanted documents. If your business has many such documents that need disposal, we can assist with our professional shredding services.

Moreover, in Macclesfield, shredding services that e provide can shred large volumes of paper at one time. Our shredding machines have the capacity to shred documents in a few minutes hat an office shredder could do in 8 hours. Our shredding services are a cost-effective and efficient system, saving you time, effort and money. All our services can be tailored to meet your business’ requirements. Speak to us about your needs and we can devise a plan that will be best for you.  As members of BSIA, our shredding services meet the British Standard BS EN 15713. Furthermore, e ill provide a certificate of destruction hen the shredding is complete. This is your proof that your documents are correctly and legally shredded. As we take our commitment to preserving our environment very seriously, all shredded documents are recycled into reusable tissue products.

A shredding service in Macclesfield will not only bring you peace of mind that your clients’ information is safe. It will also help you lower your carbon footprint. For more information about how our shredding services can benefit your business, contact Doc Data today. We’ll discuss your specific needs and ensure that you have the best possible solution. As such, we can provide 15 kg security sacks, 60 – 90 kg flexible heeled security bins as well as 35 cubic yard roll-off  lidded containers.  Once your container is full with your documents ready for shredding, we’ll collect them from you at your convenience.

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