Secure Document Disposal in Glossop, Necessary for Your Business

Document Disposal in GlossopIncreased interest in secure document disposal in Glossop has arisen from the rise in identity fraud and theft cases. The UK Data Protection Act puts strict regulations on how personal information is acquired, stored and destroyed. Safe document disposal prevents unauthorised persons from accessing or viewing your data. Destroying documents after their use expires is an efficient way to protect data. Yet, you must protect the chain of custody as well. Secure document disposal protects the documents at every stage from the collection, transportation, destruction and disposal of the documents. By preventing access to the documents at every stage of the disposal process, you can guarantee the safety of the information contained.

Our company is a leader in the collection and disposal of confidential documents across the UK. In Glossop, our document disposal services are ideal for several companies such as law firms, IT companies and financial service providers. We provide a complete in house document collection, destruction and disposal service. Our services are unlike any other in the industry. Our process begins by evaluating your information security needs to ascertain the services you require. We then set up a schedule for the collection and disposal of your documents. You can set up a regular or once-off schedule as necessary. Our team provides you with secure lockers to pack the documents you wish to dispose of. We then collect and destroy the documents through a fully trackable process.

The result of our document disposal in Glossop is a variety of recycled paper products. As such, our document disposal process is irreversible. None of our staff has access to the documents you dispose of throughout the process. With in-house personnel and equipment, we can track and control all the activity related to your documents from collection to disposal. If you would like more information about our document disposal services, contact Doc Data today. Our staff is always eager to explain the stages of our process to new and existing customers.

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