Office Recycling in Trafford, Efficient, Convenient and Professional

Office Recycling in TraffordYou may need assistance with office recycling in Trafford if your office generates large amounts of paper. There are some documents that must be kept for a certain number of years. However, when this time has passed, the documents should be destroyed. If you are thinking of tossing them straight into the rubbish bin, you are setting yourself up for a possible identity theft problem. Additionally, all the documents that toss into the bin will end up in a landfill, or worse, the ocean. There is a better way to dispose of your old documents along with the excess paper that your office generates.

Give us a ring to find out how we can assist you. In Trafford, office recycling should be a practise that is rigidly followed by all members of staff. Conserving our world is important and all members of society should do their bit. One way to do this effectively in the workplace is to ensure proper office recycling. Our expert team is available to assist you. When we discuss your particular needs, we can provide your office with a recycling bin. In this bin, all the unwanted paper and files are placed, ready for collection. When the bin is full, contact us, and we will arrange for a convenient collection. We’re happy to provide a regular collection, or as the need arises. We tailor our services to ensure your particular requirements are met.

A part of office recycling in Trafford is the collection of your waste paper. Our team will collect the waste paper from your office at a designated time and take it to our recycling centre. Here, the paper is shredded, thoroughly and professionally. We work according to the stipulated BSIA guidelines to ensure a top class shredding service. For more details on how we can assist you with office recycling, contact Doc Data. All the waste paper that we shred is recycled and made into reusable paper products. We take our recycling responsibility seriously and this is why we offer our professional services. Our prices are competitive and you will find that our service is excellent.

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