Choose Efficient and Reliable Paper Recycling in Macclesfield

Paper Recycling in MacclesfieldFor the most cost-effective paper recycling in Macclesfield, come to us. We are a document shredding company that recycles your waste into a variety of paper products. Shredding sensitive documents is a vital service in modern business. The data protection act requires businesses to secure their clients’ information. Shredding irrelevant documents is one of the best ways to prevent the misuse of sensitive information. To further protect your information, we recycle all the paper we shred into new products. Recycling prevents people from reconstructing the shredded strips of paper to access your data. For industry compliance, we issue a destruction certificate after the destruction and disposal of your documents.

With more than 50 years of experience in the business, we understand how to handle sensitive documents. In Macclesfield, our paper recycling operation is linked to our document shredding service. Your documents follow a strict chain of custody protocol. We track the documents step by step, from collection to disposal or recycling. Our vehicles are equipped with the latest tracking technology. These tracking systems allow us to monitor the movement of our vehicles at all time for extra security. It also enables us to divert our vehicles to avoid slow traffic if you have tight deadlines. We also have CCTV surveillance at our shredding facility to monitor all activities related to your documents.

Our dedicated shredding facility provides paper recycling in Macclesfield with a great deal of material. Our high-powered shredders take ten minutes to shred the amount of work a regular shredder would do in eight hours. As such, our solution saves time, energy and resources. Outsourcing your document disposal tasks to us enables you to focus on your core business. No job is too large or small for us. If you need any volume of documents shredded or recycled, call Doc Data right away. We will take the time to understand your specific needs because all our customers are unique. We provide tailored services to suit your needs and circumstances. We can also provide security bags, security bins and large containers to collect and transport your documents.

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