Paper Shredding in Tameside – Ensure Your Business Clients’ Personal Data is Safe

Paper Shredding in Tameside Paper shredding in Tameside has a whole host of benefits. As a result of the ever increasing crime of identity theft, it remains highly important that both businesses and individuals take care with the disposal of old documents. Identity theft happens because unscrupulous criminals find and use your personal information. Imagine receiving a bill for huge sums of money that you definitely did not spend? Or worse, what if the same happened to one of your clients? The safest way to prevent this from happening is to shred all your financial related statements and paperwork after you have finished with them. We know how important effective shredding and disposal is to both individuals and businesses. As such, we have offered our professional shredding services for many years.

It is your responsibility to keep your and your business clients’ personal information safe. For business owners in Tameside, paper shredding is an essential security measure that will help prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. Our services ensure just that. We are the number one choice for large businesses who need to dispose of sensitive and private information that comes in the form of documentation and paperwork. Our services are both easy and convenient to use. Give us a ring and we can discuss your specific requirements. You’ll find that our rates are competitive too. We are registered with BSIA and aim to maintain and exceed their standards.

For your business, the process of paper shredding in Tameside includes a number of steps. If you are interested and would like to make use of our services, contact Doc Data today. The first step is a security assessment. Once this is done, we will advise you on how to improve privacy and security levels within your company. We will then deliver a number of secure lockers to your site to be used to store unwanted, sensitive documents. When your lockers are full, or when you have scheduled a collection time and date, we’ll collect them from you. Our team will transport them to our shredding facility and have the documents shredded and destroyed. You will then be issued with a certificate of destruction.

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