Confidential Waste Disposal in Crewe, Expert, Reliable and Efficient

Confidential Waste Disposal in CreweFor confidential waste disposal in Crewe, rely on an expert company. We all know how important it is to correctly dispose of old, unwanted documents. Most people take this responsibility very seriously. By doing so, you can ensure that your business complies with the data protection act. When you use the services of an authorised recycling company, you will also doing your part in helping out environment. Tearing an old document in two does not provide the protection you need against scrupulous identity thieves or against fraud. The pertinent information is still easily accessible. The best thing to do is make use of a shredding service that will effectively and thoroughly destroy and dispose of the waste.

For businesses in Crewe, confidential waste disposal brings peace of mind. Give us a ring and tell us about your requirements. All our services are bespoke and as such, are tailored to meet the exact needs of our clients. We will assist you with a confidential waste disposal service that is second to none. We’ll provide lockable bins in a size that meets your business’ needs. All the waste is placed inside the locked bin. When it is full, give us a call and we will collect it from you at a time that suits you best. Once the collection takes place, the contents of the bin are placed directly into our capacity shredding machine where they are securely shredded within minutes. For your confirmation of an effective and compliant waste disposal, we will send you a certificate of destruction.

Confidential waste disposal n Crewe is precisely that. The documents and other paper that is placed in your bin is effectively destroyed without anyone ever seeing it. All the shredded paper is then recycled and made into new paper products. For more details about how we can assist with confidential waste disposal, contact Doc Data today. We are registered with BSIA and this means that you can rest assured that all the document destruction and disposal is done according to their strict guidelines. Ensure your clients’ confidential information is safe with our expert services.

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