Secure Document Destruction in Chester: Convenient, Efficient and Safe

Secure Document Destruction in ChesterHave you wondered why secure document destruction in Chester is important for your business? As a business owner, the responsibility for the safety of your clients’ personal information is yours. That means that you could be held liable should identity theft or fraud toward your client occur as a result of theft or a data breach at your company. The best step to ensure that this does not happen is to ensure that old documents are effectively destroyed. Tearing them in 2 and tossing them in the bin won’t help. A company that offers secure document destruction is the answer.

A shredder is an excellent tool to assist with secure document destruction. In Chester, secure document destruction does not rely on an office shredder to complete the job. In fact, an office shredder is only capable of a certain volume of shredding at any given time. For a reliable, convenient and efficient document destruction service, remember Doc Data. We are a professional document shredding company and can provide the shredding service that will meet your exact requirements. When you contact us, we will schedule an interview to best determine your requirements. All our services are tailored to our clients’ requirements. We’ll discuss your expectations and provide you with a solution. Our team will provide a lockable bin to securely store all old and unwanted documents. Once the bin is full, call us to set up a collection time at your convenience.

Secure document destruction in Chester includes the collection of your documents destined for shredding. Our expert team will transport them to our shredding facility and your documents will be shredded within minutes by our high capacity shredding machine. Our shredding machine has a high capacity that can shred your old documents in 10 minutes compared to a reasonable type of office shredder can do in 8 hours. If you would like more information on how we can assist you and your business with secure document destruction, contact Doc Data today. We are registered with BSIA and ensure that our standards are on par with their requirements. Once your documents are destroyed, we will send your certificate of destruction to you.

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