Let the Experts Assist with an Archive Clearout in Tameside

Archive Clearout in TamesideYour office may undertake an archive clearout in Tameside once a year. Most files are computerised and some are securely archived periodically with limited access and password protected. Your records manager probably purges the archived file occasionally as well. None of that has actually eliminated paper files. So once a year all those paper back up files whose time has come are cleared out of your file rooms. Files are usually saved for seven to ten years, so once a year the oldest are destroyed. First you need a secure destruction method. Those files may represent old and non-relevant business but they contain the customers’ sensitive information. That information will be relevant forever and it is your obligation to protect what has been entrusted to you.

We provide a secure method of disposal for sensitive documents by shredding them in our super shredder and then recycling the paper. In Tameside, archive clearout may be a huge undertaking but it doesn’t matter if it’s large or small. We have secure vans staffed with thoroughly vetted drivers and staff. Your files are deposited into the vault within these vans and transported to our recycling facility. Transmitters mark the location of the van at all times. On arrival, the van backs to the massive shredder and the vault with your files are emptied. This all takes place under the CCTV surveillance. You have fulfilled your obligation to safely dispose of your customers’ sensitive information. Doc Data is authorised to issue a Certificate of Destruction to you as proof of compliance.

Archive clearout in Tameside is only one of our secure document services. We can also place locked receptacles within your office space for the collection of scrap paper and sensitive documents. The receptacles are locked so once the paper goes in, it can’t be retrieved until we unlock them at our shredding facility. This is a very secure and responsible method of managing daily paperwork. Contact Doc Data and let us answer your questions about secure document management. We tailor our solutions to fit with your requirements. Our fees are reasonable. The Certificate of Destruction is your protection against any claims lodged against you by customers who have fallen victim to identity theft. The peace of mind is invaluable.

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