Secure Document Destruction in Blackburn Protects Confidential Data

Secure Document Destruction in Blackburn Secure document destruction in Blackburn from Doc Data will protect confidential data. We offer excellent service standards in secure paper and document shredding across the UK. We offer comprehensive shredding and destruction services for all your document elimination needs. Our industrial shredders can handle large volumes of documents, unlike domestic or office shredders, and can complete huge jobs in a matter of hours. We are based in Stockport, but our operations extend across the country. What sets us apart from others in this sector is our commitment to quality, affordable pricing and our 100% focus on customer satisfaction. Whatever the size and nature of your shredding or document destruction project, we are glad to offer the right advice and assistance.

For companies in Blackburn, secure document destruction is available through the expertise and knowledge of our highly-trained, experienced professional team. Today, data theft, identity theft, breach of privacy and confidentiality are an unfortunate reality. With bank fraud and ID theft becoming rampant, it’s essential that you take every precaution to safeguard your personal information. Business owners must guarantee security and privacy of client data, so should banks, retail outlets and healthcare services. Private individuals have huge amounts of private data on paper in the form of bank statements, old credit cards, invoices, and mailing address labels. While it’s possible to spend hours tearing up and incinerating these papers, it is time-consuming and ultimately inefficient.

Smart crooks can find ways to piece together odd pieces of paper and gather information from them, and this is why secure document destruction in Blackburn is a vital requirement. The Data Protection Act demands that private information such as medical records, salary details, address and phone-numbers must be shredded to protect people from fraud and loss. Contact Doc Data for more information on our shredding services. Shredding is also an environmentally responsible behaviour, as you can bag the recycled material easily to be transported to the recycling centre. For organisations, shredding prevents corporate espionage and the legal problems that could follow.

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