Secure Shredding in Runcorn – Ensure the Confidentiality of Your Clients’ Information

Secure Shredding in Runcorn Choose secure shredding in Runcorn services and ensure that your business is compliant. It is part of the data security act. We live in a data-driven world and as such, almost every transaction we undertake contains personal data.  Data security law makes sure everyone’s data is used properly and legally. This is a vitally important aspect if you own or manage a business. You have a legal responsibility to keep your clients’ data safe. One effective way in which to do this is to securely shred documents containing pertinent information after they are no longer needed in the business.

For your business in Runcorn, secure shredding ensures that any and all documents you no longer require are effectively destroyed. In this way, you not only remain legally compliant, but you also ensure the safety of your clients’ personal information. We offer a nationwide confidential shredding service to handle all your requirements. Our services can be tailored to meet your business’ needs. A bin is provided for all the documents destined for shredding. Once it is full, set up a collection time that suits you. Our expert team will transport soon to be shredded documents to our shredding facility. We have powerful shredding machines that will shred your documents in a fraction of the time you could with an office shredder. Once the shredding process is complete, we will send a certificate of destruction to you. This is your confirmation that your old documents have been securely shredded.

Secure shredding in Runcorn saves you both time and money. We believe in the power of recycling. As such, all the documents shredded are recycled into consumable paper products. For more details on how we can assist you and your business with secure shredding, contact Doc Data. Our shredding service meets the new British Standard BS EN 15713. On top of that, we are members of BSIA, and all our staff are uniformed, identifiable and vetted to BS 7858. For peace of mind, safety and cost-effectiveness, speak to our experienced team about your business’ shredding requirements.

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