Office Recycling in Burnley, Easy, Convenient and Responsible

Office Recycling in BurnleyDoes your company carry out office recycling in Burnley of all the paper your offices generate? From a strictly environmental standpoint, it’s actually irresponsible to not recycle paper. We in the UK alone use up 12.5 million tonnes of paper every year. The good news is that we do recycle about 80% of that paper. But to get a more accurate perspective, if each of us recycled 10% more paper each year we would save 5 million trees. That could mean that you in your office would toss one more sheet of paper into the recycler each day or at home recycle the junk mail and the kid’s old lesson sheets. The numbers are mind-boggling, but even more so when you consider it could all be going into a landfill instead of the recycler.

We want to make paper recycling in your office easy for you. In Burnley, office recycling is as easy as a phone call. We come to your place of business, assess your paper recycling needs and make a recommendation for how many and where our secure recycling receptacles need to be placed. Maybe you need one or maybe you need ten. We will also determine the frequency of secure retrieval of the receptacles for transport to our mighty shredding facility. Our service goes far beyond paper recycling for use in the making of new products. It allows you to dispose of documents that contain sensitive information about employees, clients, patients and your own company.

Once we retrieve and shred the paper from your office recycling in Burnley, we issue you a Certificate of Destruction. It’s your proof that you have managed the information entrusted to you responsibly. All your staff has to do is deposit the paperwork, scrap and sensitive, into one of our receptacles on site. It’s a one-way receptacle and paper only goes in. We open it into our shredder, so we don’t even touch it. From our shredder, the paper goes to market and is bought by manufacturers for use in making new paper products. Contact Doc Data for an assessment of your paper recycling needs. It’s the best and most economical way to legally protect confidential information and save a few million trees each year.

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