Plastic Recycling in Blackburn: Stay in Compliance with Environmental Regulations

Plastic Recycling in BlackburnStay in compliance with environmental regulations with plastic recycling in Blackburn with the help of Doc Data. We’re proud to partner customers across the Stockport region and beyond. Along with our sister companies, the Ministry of Shred and Elsa Recycling Group, we offer a comprehensive range of shredding and recycling operations. No matter how big or small your requirement, we are glad to be of assistance. We provide 15kg security sacks, flexible 60-90 kg wheeled security bins and super-sized 35 cubic yard roll-off lidded containers, that you can select according to your specific requirements.

We offer shredding, granulating and resizing, with separation and sorting of different grades. In Blackburn, plastic recycling from Doc Data offers 100% customised, recovery, reprocessing and logistical services across our client base for a range of businesses. We pride ourselves on our attention to security, privacy and confidentiality. Our methods are 100% reliable and protected, with a certificate of destruction provided for your satisfaction and peace of mind.  Our plastic recycling facilities include transportation via our own fleet of vehicles that have the latest software installed to track them 24×7. With the help of modern technology, we can avoid traffic snarls to meet your deadlines, keep  up optimum fuel-efficiency levels and complete the “green” picture. 

Plastic recycling in Blackburn is a crucial aspect of ensuring the health and sustainability of the people in the region. Recycled materials can be used for several different purposes. It ensures that less plastic is available for landfills or burning. Recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions and soil pollution, and boosts energy savings used to manufacture plastic goods. It also protects groundwater, animal habitats and our oceans. It creates more jobs and helps to protect underprivileged citizens. Statistics show that the UK generates nearly 409 kg waste per person per year. A significant amount of plastic wastes are exported abroad for recycling. However, a more responsible method is to use local recycling facilities. For more on how we can assist with plastic recycling, contact us today. There are strict laws regarding recycling and partnering with Doc Data ensures that your company stays in compliance.

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