Document Shredding in Stockport, Necessary for the Safety of Information

Document Shredding in StockportWhat is your company doing about document shredding in Stockport? Some of you may not be doing anything except storing boxes of documents in a storage room. Hopefully, your staff will use the office shredder for a sensitive document instead of just tearing it in half and tossing it in the trash bin. How about all that paper you throw out because it has no sensitive information on it? That could still be recycled and reused to make more paper products. We’re a part of the Elsa Recycling Group which has been established for over five decades. We provide secure destruction of all paper products securely. Our shredding machine can shred more paper in ten minutes than you could with your office shredder all day.

Our process is simple, secure and upon completion we issue a certificate of destruction to you as proof of safe handling. In Stockport, document shredding is carried out by first placing secure bins in your offices. These are secure receptacles that cannot be opened. Your staff will simply toss their paper documents and scrap paper into the receptacles as they go through their day. When the bins are full, our team will come and remove them to our secure transport vans. The vans have trackers, so there’s no stopping between pick up and our shredding facility. Once at our facility, under the watchful eye of CCTV, the bins are emptied into the shredder. We set a regular pick up schedule based on your needs. We also do clear outs of storage rooms.

Confidential document shredding in Stockport must be carried out according to British Standards. We qualify, based on those standards, to issue your CID. We hold membership in The British Security Industry Association and our staff is vetted to British Standards. You need to protect your company and your customers against the threat of identity theft. Our secure service can provide the security you need as well as relieve you of liability with the CID. Contact Doc Data and let us visit your place of business.  We will show you how we carry out our secure collection of paper documents without disrupting your staff.

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