Professional Document Disposal in Macclesfield Keeps Data Safe

Document Disposal in Macclesfield Secure document disposal in Macclesfield is a fact of life for businesses everywhere trying to protect customer data, company data and employee data. Information that was never before shared is now requested daily. Also, information that at one time was not of much value to anyone is now worth billions to identity thieves. We may not know how we ended up in this predicament but it’s for sure not going to get better. Clients, customers and employees entrust their sensitive information to your company on a regular basis. You can’t take that responsibility lightly. It must be protected and, when the time comes, disposed of safely.

We have your solution. In Macclesfield, document disposal can be carried out safely by our company. We work with our sister company, Elsa Recycling, to destroy your documents by shredding and then recycle them back into paper products. 14 trees are saved for every ton we recycle. It would take 8 hours for your office shredder to handle what ours can handle in ten minutes. Our service is for all size companies. It’s likely that your document disposal can be contained in a 15kg security sack. If not then one of our 60-90kg security bins might be needed. If that’s not enough we can also supply 35 cubic yard containers. The trucks we use to haul the containers to the shredder are monitored with tracking devices so there can be no stops between your offices our facility. Once there, all activity is carried out under the surveillance of CCTV.

At our first meeting with you to discuss document disposal in Macclesfield we determine your security needs and service schedule. Once done, we deliver the secure containers into which documents are disposed. Nobody can open them. We collect them as the schedule dictates and deliver them to the recycling centre where they are destroyed. The process does require that you place trust in us and our security processes. However, you can rest easy because we issue a certificate of destruction to you. That CID will end your liability for the documents. Contact Doc Data and let us work up a secure document disposal plan for your company. It really is a relief to know this ongoing security risk is being handled by professionals. 

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