Paper Recycling in Trafford, the First Step to a Cleaner World

Paper Recycling in TraffordPaper recycling in Trafford is the first step towards a cleaner world. It will also help reduce the number of trees used to manufacture paper. While we live in a digital age, paper is still extensively used in both homes and businesses. It is interesting to note that many businesses produce large amounts of paper waste on a regular basis. Much of this paper contains sensitive and confidential information. This information should be kept safe as failure to do so can result in criminal activities such as ID fraud. It is best to dispose of documents with sensitive information in a legally recognised manner. This is where where can assist.

For your home office, school or business in Trafford, paper recycling should be a part of your daily routine. We are pleased to make this process easier for you. Speak to us about a confidential paper collection, and we will take the necessary precautions to ensure that sensitive information is effectively destroyed. Our team is fully aware of the value of information in our modern age and the damage that stolen information, including personal data can do. We have ensured different security measures are in place so that waste paper containing pertinent information stay secure before collection, and during transition until they are brought to our industrial paper shredder. Each member of our team is uniformed, they will display their identity badge when they come to collect the paper products in secured consoles for transition at the agreed place and time. For your peace of mind, we will also give you a Certificate of Destruction. This means that the materials you have placed in our care has been permanently disposed of in a manner that is ethical and safe.

If you need assistance with paper recycling in Trafford, remember Doc Data. We have been in the industry for many years and have become one of the most trusted companies in the area. We also work according to British Standards, have a state of the art facility with CCTV cameras as well as trained and qualified employees. For any further details about how we can assist with paper recycling, contact Doc Data. Let us assist in the disposal and recycling of your waste paper.

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