Office Recycling in Warrington – More Important Than Ever

Office Recycling in Warrington Office recycling in Warrington is more important than ever. Thirty years ago we were all looking forward to a paperless office environment. Instead of flipping through paper folders in a file drawer we would have everything organised into quick access files on our computers. In actuality, we’re having as much trouble finding files on our computers as we once had finding them in the drawer. So, to be on the safe side, we keep hard copies of all our computer files. After all, computer files have been known to disappear. Nobody really knows why. The average office worker in the UK uses 10,000 sheets of paper a year. Over half of the paper used each day ends up in the trash.

The good news is that in the UK, we recycle about 76% of our paper. In Warrington, office recycling is important for other reasons in addition to not overloading the landfills. Identity theft on an unprecedented scale has accompanied the digital age. Identity thieves can dumpster dive for old paper files and use the personal information found to become the online persona of that individual. They’ll never catch the thief but if authorities find out your carelessness is to blame there could be lawsuits and even business closure. We can solve both problems for your office. On a daily basis, your staff could be depositing waste paper into one of our secure bins instead of their own dustbin. On a yearly basis we could be collecting your old accumulated file boxes and putting them in our secure transport trucks.

Both are transported on schedule to our recycling centre for office recycling in Warrington. We have a humongous shredder at our recycling centre for secure paper recycling. The procedure we use to collect, transport and recycle is proven secure. Our trucks have trackers so they come directly to the recycling centre. Our recycling site is protected by CCTV so all that paper goes directly from our truck into the recycler. When it’s done, we’ll give you a certificate of destruction which relieves you of liability. Contact Doc Data and let us dig you out from under that pile of paper. Do it before somebody gets careless and a client’s life is ruined with identity theft.

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