Secure Document Destruction in Stoke, More Necessary than Ever

Secure Document Destruction in StokeSecure document destruction in Stoke was not supposed to be a service our society would need by the 21st century. In the 1970’s, some were sure that computers would have completely replaced the need for paper and we would be a paperless society by now. We humans often forget that we need at least two ways to do anything because it’s likely one way won’t work sufficiently. Is there anything more cursed on a daily or hourly basis than the poor computer used at work? How often do we need a paper copy of something because the computer is down? We’ve learned to back up every computer file with a paper file because computer files can mysteriously disappear. The result is we use more paper than ever before.

More paper use means more natural resources in the form of trees is required than before. In Stoke, secure document destruction solves issues arising from the modern use of paper products. The only sensitive customer information companies once had was your current name, address and maybe a phone number. There weren’t too many worries associated with that. Today, companies have your name, address, phone number, email address, a Google map of your property, your bank account numbers, your retirement fund information, educational background, medical records and a list of every legal and financial transaction since birth. Each company is held accountable for the security of the personal information of their customers.

The paperwork builds up to huge proportions so secure document destruction in Stoke is needed. We help companies like yours free up storage, protect customer sensitive information and lessen the number of trees cut to supply the paper industry. Contact Doc Data and let us show you how we place secure bins in the workplace for disposing of sensitive documents. Without opening, those bins are picked up in our secured vans with built in trackers and delivered to our massive recycling centre. The bins are emptied of paper into the largest shredder imaginable. Once that is done, we issue you a certificate of destruction. That certificate contains the information that will help protect your company against an audit or legal action for negligence. The shredded paper is recycled into new paper products. Problem solved.

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