Office Recycling in Stockport, an Excellent Way to Ensure Doing Your Bit

Office Recycling in StockportIf your office recycling in Stockport has gotten a little hit or miss, perhaps we can get you back on track. No matter how many personal electronic devices they invent, we all seem to still use a lot of paper. For that reason, it’s still important to recycle paper. We’re not just using more paper in the office but in every area of life. We eat from paper, clean with paper and drink coffee from paper. So, the demand for recycled paper to make these products is great. In an office setting, much of the paper recycling needs to be secured. You may have documents that are sensitive and not for anyone else’s eyes. Your employees could inadvertently put company and client information at risk if there is no designated process to recycle office paper.

We have a secure system for collecting, shredding and recycling paper from offices. For many businesses in Stockport, office recycling must include the clearing out of old files in a secure manner as well as daily scrap paper. Our first step is to evaluate the amount of paper generated by your office on a regular basis. Based on that, we place an adequate number of secure collection bins throughout your offices. You might need one or you might need ten. The bins are one way; you can only put paper in. All documents are safe inside. On schedule, our team collects the bins and transports them to our recycling centre. We have a massive shredder that makes short work of large quantities of paper. The bins are emptied into the shredder under the watchful eye of CCTV cameras.

We can offer you systematic and secure office recycling in Stockport. Our transport vans are well marked and our uniformed staff has passed all background checks. Our service is designed to make daily paper recycling easy and still meet government guidelines for protecting sensitive documents. Leaving stacks of paper alongside a paper shredder in the workroom is probably not working well. Nobody wants to take the time to shred the paper and if they do, nobody will empty the shredder. There’s always a mess. Contact Doc Data and let us explain our paper recycling programme for offices to you. We tailor our service to your needs.

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