Use an Established, Well Known Company for Secure Document Shredding in Salford

Secure Document Shredding in SalfordBy using services for secure document shredding in Salford, you are making a conscious effort to ensure the confidentiality of your clients. Not only that, you are also protecting yourself and your clients from possible identity theft. Gone are the days where old documents with sensitive information can be torn in half and tossed in the bin. Unfortunately, there are unsavoury characters out there who wouldn’t think twice about digging through your rubbish bin to find other people’s important information. Identity theft is on the rise. Don’t let yourself, or your clients be vulnerable.

The best way to protect yourself is to use an established and recognised company. In Salford, secure document shredding is an excellent way to ensure safety from identifies theft. We understand the importance of such measures and this is why we offer our expert shredding services. You are welcome to speak to one of our team and find out how we can assist you. We know that keeping your sensitive information secure is key to your business. It is also a legal requirement as part of the data protection act. Our shredding services are second to none. We are happy to tailor our services to meet your business’ needs. First, we provide lockable, secure cabinets for you to store your unwanted documents. Set up a time for collection from our team. We will collect your scrap paper and securely transport it to our shredding facility. Here, your sensitive documents are completely shredded. For extra peace of mind on completion of work we will issue a certificate of destruction so you can be sure of a shredding job well done.

Secure document shredding in Salford is an excellent service offered to all sized businesses. Our high capacity shredding machines can accomplish in 10 minutes what an office shredding machine can do in 8 hours! We provide professional shredding on a confidential basis within several different market sectors, all of which meets the latest BS EN 15713. If you would like more information about our secure shredding services, contact Doc Data. All the paper that is shredded at our facility is recycled into consumable tissue products.

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