Shredding Company in Hyde for Protection of Sensitive Data

Shredding Company in Ellesmere Port For a shredding company in Hyde, Document Data is who you call. The need for security and protection of personal and sensitive data has not lessened with time. Technology closes one gap and the identity thieves consider it a personal challenge to find a way around it. Unfortunately, they are too often successful. It may be that most people think of identity theft as an electronic activity. Thieves get into the electronic data files of banks, credit card companies, medical facilities and more and steal personal information on clients. They can use the information to steal money, assets, open a charge account or just make money selling the information to those looking to buy.

Electronic files can be vulnerable but businesses still have a lot of that data backed up in paper files and stored in on site locked filing cabinets and storage rooms. In Hyde, a shredding company will periodically purge those files for you. Access to those files must be carefully protected because identity thieves may be among your own employees or support services. This is an area where we can help you. We can do a clear out by securing your paper documents into bins on your site. The bins are secured and we safely transport them in vans with tracking devices to our shredding and recycling facility. We unlock the bins and send the paper directly into our huge shredder. Those pieces will never be reassembled.

Our shredding company in Hydealso has a programme for offices to securely handle day-to-day sensitive documents. These are papers and documents that need not be filed but should never be tossed in a waste bin. An office shredder may not be effective. We place our secure bins on site for the disposal of such paper. When the bins are full, our security technicians retrieve them and off to our massive shredding machine they go. Contact Document Data and let us show you how our security programme will work for you and protect your paper data. Our recycling centre operations are under constant CCTV surveillance, both inside and out. Our staff is background checked and nothing takes place in isolation.

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