Professional, Affordable Confidential Waste Disposal in Macclesfield for Your Business

Confidential Waste Disposal in Macclesfield Confidential waste disposal in Macclesfield is needed by all businesses. If you are a large company with regular needs for confidential waste disposal, you will be glad to know that at Doc Data, we are specialists when it comes to large clear outs and scheduled collections. We offer a destruction service that meets the new British Standard BS EN 15713, and we are also an ISO accredited 9001 company. All our staff are easily identifiable by their uniforms, and they are vetted to BS 7858. By choosing Doc Data, your company is minimising all risks of data breaches and loss of your clients’ personal information.

Data theft is a serious crime, often with far reaching repercussions on the victims. In Macclesfield, confidential waste disposal can protect your information and that of your clients. This is done by keeping all the documents securely locked away from the moment you hand them over to us until they are transported to the destroying facility and into the industrial shredder. For your peace of mind, a certificate stating that the documents you have entrusted to our care have been successfully destroyed will be issued. Our industrial shredder is capable of destroying volumes of paper. What would normally take an office shredder eight hours, we can handle in just 10 minutes. Therefore, not only is it smarter, but it is also in the best interest of your company. Whether you are a law firm, a small clinic, or an accounting firm, you can count on us to deliver timely services.

When you contact us for confidential waste disposal in Macclesfield, we will arrange a collection that is suitable to your needs and time. To find more about how we can help you, please give us a call. All the paper that are destroyed will be recycled and repurposed into everyday products, thus, also saving the trees, and protecting the environment. We also offer a nationwide service, and rest assured, our vehicles are fitted with the latest technology so you can track the progress of the vehicle back to the facility, and our facility is also under strict surveillance for your peace of mind.

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