Keep Your Customers’ Sensitive Information Secure with Confidential Waste Disposal in Stockport

Waste Disposal in StockportConfidential waste disposal in Stockport may present a dilemma for some companies. You may have taken all precautions to secure customer and client sensitive information. All files are under secure locks in your office.  Key codes for file rooms and firewalls and key words for computer files are critical to protect private information and also to protect company integrity and limit liability. You don’t want your name associated with a data breach. If that happens, profits can take a swift dive. It seems the bigger the company the quicker the recovery from such unfortunate incidents. How do you think your company would fare? Clearly, you’ve done everything possible to make sure you never find out if recovery would be possible after a loss of confidence.

Now your secured file room is overflowing and you need a clear out of old files. In Stockport, confidential waste disposal is required for the protection of everyone’s personal information. This is where Doc Data can protect your sensitive files and help relieve you of some liability associated with their disposal. We supply you with securely locked cabinets into which you will place your sensitive documents. Once in, nobody can get them except us. We collect the secure cabinets when you’re ready and transport them to our waste facility. We have the largest shredder you’ll ever see. We empty your cabinet’s contents into the shredder and then issue a certificate of destruction to you. Always keep your certificates and the time period the files represent.

You can see how this secure and confidential waste disposal in Stockport can provide you with peace of mind. Once we pick up those locked cabinets from your place of business and put them in our equally secure trucks for transport, we’ve assumed liability for their safe destruction. Your certificate of destruction is proof that you hired an accredited service that meets British standards. Your efforts have lasting results beyond safe document destruction. We fine shred a lot of paper which is then recycled into tissue products. Contact Doc Data and let us pay you a visit to demonstrate how we securely dispose of sensitive documents. We are on call for periodic clear outs or regularly scheduled pick-ups from your offices.

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