Office Recycling in Chester

Office Recycling in ChesterYou may not have put much thought into office recycling in Chester, but there are various reasons why you should. There comes a time when there are too many paper documents in the office, documents that most probably are not necessary any longer. The easier option is to give them a tear or two and throw them away without a thought but in today’s world, that is a recipe for disaster. In the age of technology, identity theft and other crimes that involve sensitive documents have become rampant. Your business can be an easy target, especially if you don’t take the time to dispose of sensitive material accordingly. This not only puts your clients are at risk but also places your business in jeopardy.

This is where Doc Data comes in. We see a need to keep sensitive and confidential information away from prying eyes. In Chester, office recycling involves more than putting paper through a shredder and discarding the remains. Recycling paper is the only sure way to keep your private information completely private. We go through a number of steps in order to achieve this. The process begins with determining your information security needs through our complimentary Data Security Service. Once this has been established, we dispatch a secure locker to your home or business premise. All sensitive documents are placed into the consoles. These consoles are locked for added security. Once this is done, we collect and destroy your documents, and a certificate of destruction is handed to you. All shredded documents are then recycled into a number of paper products, ensuring your confidentiality is retained.

With office recycling in Chester, you can rest assured your client’s details will not fall in the wrong hands. You can arrange for the best frequency for the above process to be done, be it daily, weekly or even monthly. Feel free to contact Doc Data at your earliest convenience. We can tailor a solution that is perfect for your business. Your requirements may differ with another business but one thing remains: we offer a confidential destruction service that is in line with new British standards.

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