Secure Document Destruction in Burnley

Secure Document Destruction in BurnleySecure document destruction in Burnley is the responsibility of any business that collects client or customer sensitive information. But, how can you do that and if you do, how can you prove it? Doc Data is your solution because as a sister company to Elsa Recycling, we have access to the largest most secure shredder. We follow RHA certified trucking security regulations, are members of BSIA security organisation, belong to the Recycling Association and meet ISO international standards. Our highly secure company comes to you, picks up your documents from our secure containers and transports them directly to our shredder. The shredder facility is under constant video surveillance. We back the truck to the shredder and safely dump the documents in for immediate shredding. The paper is recycled and you receive a certificate of destruction; that’s your proof. 

The brunt of the responsibility for the destruction of your sensitive documents lies with us. For companies large and small in Burnley, secure document destruction is essential when the time comes. Until that time you are responsible for protecting your clients’ information by keeping file cabinets locked with a minimum of access. The same protection should extend to your computer files. Files should never be left lying about. Depending on the size of your business, you may need a monthly or a yearly collection. If you keep your files for five to seven years, hopefully in a locked storeroom, then a clear out frequency will depend on volume. But what about the day-to-day paperwork that may contain sensitive information but gets tossed into the bin?

We have a solution for daily paperwork that requires secure document destruction in Burnley. We visit your work site and evaluate the volume of paper to determine the number of our secured bins we place for workers use. All paperwork and unused files should be disposed into these bins. They are locked and no one has access but our company representatives. When full, our background checked, uniformed drivers unload them into a secure truck for transport to the shredder. The truck has a tracking device for an extra measure of safety. Contact Doc Data and let us explain our security service more fully. Once the paper goes into our bins the responsibility passes from your company to ours and you can prove it.

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