Shredding Services in Macclesfield

Shredding Services in MacclesfieldSelect reliable, trustworthy shredding services in Macclesfield to ensure your privacy and safety. We offer completely confidential, secure shredding to both individual and commercial clients. What sets us apart from others in this business is that we have a sister concern, Elsa Recycling Group that all shredded paper is recycled into usable products. That means for every ton of paper that’s recycled, you get to save 14 trees. What more can an environmentally responsible citizen want? Our facilities comprise state of the art equipment that can handle enormous volumes. What takes conventional services eight hours to complete, we can do in a matter of ten minutes, giving you a swift, simple and cost-effective solution.

No matter how big or small your requirement, we’re glad to be of assistance. In Macclesfield, shredding services offered by us are available in convenient solutions. We provide a range of options from 15kg security sacks to flexible wheeled bins that can accommodate 60-90kg. If you need shredding services for large archived clearances, you can use our 35 cubic yard roll-off lidded containers. All our services are designed to protect your confidentiality and privacy 100% and we also provide a certificate of destruction for your records and documentation purposes. We have an extensive coverage of the entire North West region that provides collection at your premises with minimum disruption. You can rest assured that your documents are safe in transit too since all our vehicles are GPS monitored and provide a smooth, efficient, green, economical and safe transportation.

Careless disposal of documents is where they find the maximum opportunities and that’s why it’s crucial to employ a highly trained, experienced, professional shredding service in Macclesfield that has the necessary security systems in place. If you generate a lot of paperwork or you have concerns about disposing of old documents, we can give you the right assistance and advice. Contact us today for more information. Today, data and identity theft are the biggest security concerns of individuals and corporations. Personal, financial and confidential information is of extremely high value to cybercriminals.

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