Document Disposal in Stoke

Document Disposal in StokeDocument disposal in Stoke through Doc Data is the most cost-effective and secure method of securing sensitive information. Businesses are required by law to protect their customers’ private information and that’s good. We all want that. But protecting your business from legal action and a ruined reputation is another good reason to choose the best method of document disposal in Stoke. At Doc Data, we have everything in place for your protection and that of your clients. Our representative will come to your place of business and evaluate your document shredding needs. You may already have shredding machines but we can shred in ten minutes what it would take your employees all day to shred.

Once we evaluate the volume of documents for which you need disposal, we will place secure containers throughout your offices to collect paper material. In Stoke, document disposal into these containers means they cannot be accessed. Once the document goes in, it’s gone. Depending on the volume of paper we will schedule secure pick up of the document containers at an appropriate frequency. That could be once a week, month, quarter or yearly.  On the appointed day our team arrives and without touching the papers empties the containers into one of our secure transport vehicles equipped with a tracking device. The truck backs up to our huge paper recycler and offloads it’s contents directly.

Document disposal in Stoke ensures confidential destruction that meets British Standards. We are fully accredited and members of the British Security Industry Association. Our staff is vetted and possess a clear background of honesty and integrity. Your company is presented with a certificate of protection once your documents are shredded. That is your proof of compliance and can help protect you from accusations of mishandling customer data. Contact Doc Data and allow us to personalise a document disposal plan for your office. There is another benefit to using our services. All that paper is recycled back into usable tissue products. We are affiliated with Elsa Recycling and we are saving natural resources.

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