Secure Shredding in Chester

Secure Shredding in ChesterFor secure shredding in Chester, Doc Data has the perfect, most cost-effective solutions. They are suited for both document shredding and safe disposal. Our bespoke services ensure that clients can avail of a comprehensive package to suit their needs, preferences and budget. We service large and small scale shredding jobs ranging from a minimum of 15 kg to large capacities of 90 kg. We destroy material from security-sack units or large archiving-clearance containers. We can make arrangements for doorstep pick-ups for your convenience, which would otherwise be time consuming and expensive. Our shredding methods are conducted carefully and certificates issued on completion and thorough inspection of the process to ensure customer satisfaction.

With over fifty years of experience in the field, in Chester secure shredding services are carried out by highly trained, experienced professionals who enjoy a high degree of trust among our esteemed clientele. We have earned a unique position in the area of shredding and disposal of sensitive documentation in Chester and nearby areas. Some of our esteemed clients include Solicitors, Doctors, Politicians and Corporate heads. Such people have a constant requirement to keep their paperwork in order, especially confidential or sensitive material which could potentially be used against them if they got into wrong hands.

Our secure shredding in Chester follows a unique six-step plan. After procuring relevant information from clients, a schedule is fixed and lockers delivered for material to be transferred at your convenience.  Compartments are sealed and important papers are held in locked consoles. The documents are destroyed by the shredding process, after which a Certificate of Destruction is issued to the client. All processes are conducted under strict confidentiality. Security systems like CCTV cameras and alarms are installed within the facility. Our high-capacity shredding machines complete the task swiftly, efficiently and effectively. If the client requires it, confidential documentation can be destroyed within the client’s own premises. For more details about our secure shredding, contact us today. We are an ISO 9001 Company meeting the new BS EN 15713 British Standards. All staff is vetted to BS 7858 and all our material is recycled into consumable tissue products.

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