Confidential Waste Disposal in Bury

Confidential Waste Disposal in BuryEver wonder why confidential waste disposal in Bury is a good business practice? Every company is legally obliged to destroy sensitive information they’re longer using. You cannot simply toss it in a rubbish bin. If these documents are obtained by a con artist or fraudster, your entire company can be vulnerable to data theft, fraud, or identity theft. This can leads to major financial losses. Investigating who took the data can also turn out to an expensive affair. As the old adage states, ‘prevention is better than the cure’. Prevent all kinds of theft by opting for appropriate waste disposal services. At Doc Data, we’ve developed a special service that effectively removes and destroys confidential waste.

If your business is located in Bury, confidential waste disposal services are provided by us at Doc Data. We’ve devised a simple, six-step process to ensure your sensitive data is destroyed in an effective and safe manner. The process begins by taking our Data Security Survey. This helps us figure out the level of security required for your documents.  In the second step, our team will deliver special lockers to your premises. In step three, we request you to place all sensitive documents into specially locked consoles and then into the locker. In the fourth step, our lockers will return back to our location. We will remove all documents from the locked consoles and destroy them. Once all your sensitive data is destroyed, we will send you a certificate of destruction. This constitutes step number five. In the final step, we take all shredded documents and recycle them into numerous types of paper products.

Protect your company and its employees by opting for a confidential waste disposal in Bury service. To find out how we can help you and your business with confidential waste disposal, contact Doc Data. Once you’ve tried us out, you can easily schedule regular document removal services from us. Whether you need document removal immediately or a few days from now, we’re always there to help!

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