Document Shredding in Manchester

Document Shredding in ManchesterIt is important to identify companies that offer reliable, secure and confidential document shredding in Manchester if you need to dispose of sensitive files. While the rise in cyber-crimes has led to the development of sophisticated cyber security solutions, not much has changed in the world of waste paper disposal. It is not so easy to get through the expensive firewalls companies use to protect their digital data; however, anyone can go through your trash to look for confidential information about your company or clients. Moreover, cybersecurity programs can be bought online and installed directly into your computer, while paper documents need to be transported, shredded and disposed of physically.

We have a wide range of services that set us apart in the document shredding market. In Manchester, document shredding is carried out with world-class high-speed shredding machines which, in ten minutes, can do the work your standard office shredder would take 8 hours to accomplish. In addition, our company has a wide variety of options for collecting any amount of waste directly from your doorstep. We can provide sacks with a capacity of 15 Kg, flexible wheeled security bins for 60 to 90 Kg loads or 35 cubic yard roll-off lidded containers for the collection of the files you want to destroy. Our collection system saves you from the hassle and cost of hauling your ‘dirty laundry’ across town.

Document shredding in Manchester means that you can rest assured you will never come across any of your documents while wrapping meat in the local market. This is because we recycle all your destroyed documents into paper tissue products. Through our document shredding solutions, the equivalent of 14 trees is saved for every tonne of paper we recycle. Furthermore, we issue a ‘certificate of destruction’ once we have destroyed your documents.  Contact Doc Data today for a quotation on your document disposal requirements. We take your trash seriously and have installed high-grade security measures at our facilities, including CCTV and alarms to keep your files safe both before and after destroying them.

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