Secure Document Destruction in Crewe

Secure Document Destruction in CreweSecure document destruction in Crew is the responsibility of every facility that collects client, patient, student or customer data. In 2018 the UK implemented The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Everyone who uses personal data is bound by strict rules referred to as data protection principles. The principles are generalised and some may find them vague so it’s important to grasp the essentials and make sure everyone in your employ understands how personal data is to be used, when it’s to be used and for how long. In addition, all data must be handled appropriately, securely and protected against unauthorised access, loss, damage or destruction.

The Data Protection Act of 2018 lays the responsibility for the data your company or organisation collects squarely on your shoulders. Data Doc can help with, in Crewe, secure document destruction. We begin with a Data Security Survey of your premises to determine what your security needs are. Once we know we can set a service schedule for you. Your schedule could require a once a year clear out or a weekly, monthly or quarterly secure pick up and disposal of sensitive documents. Whatever the schedule, we will place appropriately located and secured lockers on your premises. Documents no longer needed are deposited into the locker where they are secure from retrieval. As scheduled, we retrieve the lockers and empty them into our secure truck which also acts as a locker for transport to our sister company, Elsa Recycling. Every ton we recycle saves 14 trees.

Secure document destruction in Crewe takes place when our transport trucks arrive at the recycling centre of Elsa Recycling. The recycling centre is staffed and secured with surveillance video cameras. We back our truck to the massive on site shredder and empty the contents directly. They are shredded in seconds. You will then receive a Certificate of Destruction which relieves you from liability of secure document disposal. The shredded documents will be recycled into new paper products. Contact Doc Data and we’ll undertake a no obligation Data Security Survey for you completely free of charge. We are members of the British Security Industry Association, The Recycling Association and The Road Haulage Association (RHA).

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