Archive Clearout in Altrincham

Archive Clearout in AltrinchamDon’t wait for spring for archive clearout in Altrincham. The right time is right now! At Doc Data, we believe that your document storage situation is something that needs to be examined and dealt with regularly. Otherwise, you could end up with a nightmare situation of a humongous pile of unwanted paper. Such overloaded storage also means that you cannot find the important stuff that needs to be kept safely. Most of us tend to accumulate piles of bills, receipts, junk mail, etc that we fail to simply toss into the dustbin when we should. According to studies, the average person receives more than 40,000 pieces of mail in a lifetime, and most of this is junk mail. Pamphlets, flyers, advertisements, promotions, food-menus from local restaurants, notices of events or sales, supermarket notifications, letters asking for donations, and subscriptions are some of the common pieces of junk mail we receive. Apart from this, we also tend to accumulate old business letters, taxation papers, account books, personal and confidential mail. In fact, 80% of this material is never looked at again!

At Doc Data, we provide safe, secure and efficient shredding services at competitive rates. In Altrincham, archive clearout doesn’t just mean throwing papers into the rubbish bin. Today, identity theft is an alarming reality. Unscrupulous people trawl through dumpsters looking for information that they can use for nefarious purposes. Many documents contain your full name, address and telephone number. Many of them contain financial and credit card information. They may also have personal details about your bank account, date of birth, as well as names of family-members which can be misused. That’s why it’s important to destroy these papers in a safe manner.

No matter how large or small your archive clearout in Altrincham, we have the right solution for you. We have high-capacity shredders and can offer 15 kg security sacks, 95 kg wheeled security-bins and huge 35 cubic yard containers to collect your documents for shredding. When you need assistance with an archive clearout, contact Doc Data. We arrange collection so that you face minimum disruption in your regular schedules. All shredded paper is recycled back into usable paper products.

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