Shredding Services in Macclesfield

Shredding Services in MacclesfieldYou’ll need to use professional document shredding services in Macclesfield if you value your security and privacy. At Doc Data, we believe that your data deserves the highest levels of security otherwise it could fall into the wrong hands. We live in a digital age today, but we still have huge amounts of private documents and paperwork that should be properly disposed. Protecting sensitive information is crucial not just for private individuals but also for companies and large corporations. These entities have customers and partners who trust them to respect their privacy and any breach could have a ripple effect on a large number of people, institutions and organisations. It’s important that people educate themselves on the risks of not properly disposing of private information.

Identity theft is a huge concern today. In Macclesfield, shredding services offer the best option to disposing of such sensitive information. In a study conducted in 2009, it was found that more than 233 million pounds were lost due to identity theft. Another study found that more than 90% of UK residents regularly throw out documents that give information on their name, address, telephone number, date of birth, gender, title, and business ownership. Alarmingly, more than 40% of UK residents throw out documents that contain information about their bank accounts, and transactions. People also carelessly dispose of medical records, documents that contain their signatures, legal information, credit card and financial information, payroll or pay-slips, HR information in companies, customer or partner information, unique designs, plans and formulations.  This means we are highly vulnerable to a variety of frauds and criminal schemes.

We use professional cross-cut shredding equipment for our shredding services in Macclesfield. This means that no crook can paste together different pieces and read the information. Some shredding services simply cut the documents into strips and dispose of them. This is not a very efficient method. For more information about our shredding services, contact Doc Data. We also give you the necessary information on how to store your sensitive documents before they are collected by our shredding service. This means that there is no breach of security from inside your organisation.

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