Shredding Services Manchester

We’ve had an enquiry from a firm of solicitors for Shredding Services Manchester. They were looking for a reputable company whose expertise was in the field of ‘data destruction’ in a fast, comprehensive and above all secure manner. Having come across our name through Internet searches, they were particularly keen to find out more about the service we provide and how it could benefit them. We were particularly pleased they had contacted us and assured them that we had the neccessary attributes to deal with their query.

Whether we receive an enquiry in Manchester for shredding services or anywhere else, we will deal with each and every one with the due ‘prompt’ attention that befits us as a company. We pride ourselves in the fact we go that ‘one step further’ for our customers; matching their expectations and in many cases surpassing them. We are a company for which drive and determination are ‘by-words’; incorporated every day into the excellent service we provide both new and existing customers.

With the shredding services Manchester enquiry, we explained the procedure to our potential new customer. Firstly, we determine your information security needs then we work with you to decide the best possible schedule to meet these. From here we have a 6 step process for your data. Our secure lockers are delivered for you to put sensitive documents in. We collect-at a convenient time for you- and all documents are destroyed in our secure shredding machines. Finally a ‘certificate of destruction’ is sent to you confirming the successful process. Its that simple!

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