Secure Shredding Alderley Edge

We have had an enquiry this week for Secure Shredding Alderley Edge from a small solicitors practice. They were keen to find out more about the our processes for handling confidential documents in a secure manner. They had recognized the need to find a reputable company who could provide a high level service when it came to disposing and destroying sensitive material. We naturally were happy to offer our services by explaining the rudiments of our document shredding process.

Whether we have an enquiry from Alderley Edge or wherever in the Greater Manchester and beyond area for secure shedding, the same simple rules apply. Firstly we will determine your information security needs through our ‘Data Security Survey’. Then we can work closely with you to determine a schedule that meets your expectations and needs which we adhere to at all times. Secondly, secure lockers are delivered; sensitive documents are placed inside and we collect your document to be destroyed in our high capacity shredding machines.

In addition to an enquiry for secure shredding Alderley Edge, once we have completed the task of destroying your documents, you will receive a ‘Certificate of Destruction’ to verify that the procedure has been completed in the correct manner. Another aspect to our service is our commitment to the environment. We ensure that -for the good of the environment-all destroyed documents are recycled back into paper products which upon year, saves the equivalent of 14 trees for every ton of paper we recycle!

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