Data Shredding Manchester

Recently, we had an enquiry involving Data Shredding Manchester from a firm who were looking into the requirements-and cost- to have a regular shredding service for their confidential data they had. It had begun to become a problem ‘storing’ so much past data that they had decided it was time to destroy and dispose certain documents in a secure manner; in line with the data protection act. We naturally were pleased they had come to us with their request.

At document & data shred ltd, no matter if an enquiry comes from Manchester or anywhere else within the area for data shredding, we will deal with it efficiently and promptly. Our service is second to none as we work with you to offer the ‘perfect’ solution to your needs.We have all the necessary attributes in place, with an experienced and highly qualified team carrying out your requirements exactly how you wish, This is all part of our outstanding service.

With the Data Shredding Manchester enquiry, we talked through the procedure with the firm and they were suitably impressed. To ensure ultimate security, we have incorporated ‘state of the art’ systems in place. These include: CCTV, alarms and our fleet of vehicles which are fitted with the latest software so we can monitor their progress throughout the day. With high capacity shredding machines within a purpose built secure facility, we really can meet your demands and deadlines at document & data shred ltd!

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