Secure Document Shredding in Manchester

We had a call for Secure Document Shredding in Manchester from a firm of Quantity Surveyors who were keen to use our services having found us prominantly on the Internet. Their business is particularly large, encompassing Manchester and the North West and until recently they had been using a firm which had got into financial difficulty; hence, they were looking for a new firm who could undertake their requirements immediately.

In Manchester, we have the expertise of working with a number of clients in Secure Document Shredding. We pride ourselves in a service schedule that meets clients’ needs comprehensively and effectively-whatever the need. We offer a complimentary Data Security Survey which is designed to ‘pinpoint’ exactly what each individual company requires in terms of information security. This has served us well, with a reputation that is second to none within the industry.

The Secure Document Shredding in Manchester enquiry has been approved and is now waiting for confirmation from the Quantity Surveyors firm for go ahead. We are confident in our ability to tailor a service solution which provides a flexible collection service which will be securely destroyed and disposed of in our purpose built facility. This all adds to peace of mind for any business we deal with as they know they are receiving a first class service with the minimum of distruption.


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