Confidential Shredding Stockport

We are currently working on a Confidential Shredding Stockport enquiry that we received late last week from a company who were looking to change their provider service due to their existing shredding company moving out of the area. We naturally jumped at the chance to show this company what we could offer with our tailored service that serves our existing clientele so well. We were happy to discuss all the requirements they needed. they were particularly impressed with the fact we do everything ‘in-house’ without the need to use third parties. Our service is overseen from start to finish by us only.

In Stockport, we have the added experience of  dealing with similar companies who want confidential shredding in the area. We have a regularly scheduled service which starts with us determining  exactly your information security needs through our complimentary data security survey. We then work with you to determine the correct service schedule you need for your business. Our process is simple but comprehensive-leaving nothing to chance so you can be assured we will deliver.

We will utilise our six easy step guide for the confidential shredding Stockport enquiry. This begins with the above mentioned survey to ascertain just what is required. Our secure lockers are then delivered and the next step sees all sensitive documents placed into our secured  locked consoles. Then its a case of collecting the documents and destroying in our on site facility. We will provide an authentic certificate of destruction so you know your request has been carried through. Finally, documents are recycled into a variety of paper products so you know we take our responsibility for the environment  seriously. This all adds up to a fast, green, efficient and above all secure service.

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