Confidential Shredding Altrincham

We had a call for Confidential Shredding Altrincham from a law firm in the town who were downsizing. They wanted to know what our procedure was for destroying a large number of confidential documents; in addition, they had numerous hard drives that also needed disposing of and they were looking for a quick response to their request as their need was fairly urgent. We immediately got on with the task of providing a tailored solution which we were sure would suffice.

In Altrincham, there are a number of solicitor firms which are looking for confidential shredding. We have dealt with some of these before and currently; building our reputation on a sound business ethos which includes excellent working relationships with each and everyone of our clients. We have the necessary know how from the many years experience we have in this industry to deliver exactly what any potential customer requires. This is key in our business and is the foundation of our success.

This particular confidential shredding enquiry is well on the way to being signed off, with the law firm happy with our proposals. They were particularly impressed with the high levels of security we provide. Not only, do we have secure locked consoles for all sensitive material but our vehicles are fitted with the latest hi-tech software which enables us to monitor their progress throughout the day and able to divert if their is an issue with traffice, for instance. With high capacity shredding machines, we are able to deal with whatever volume in a cost effective way that benefits the customer.



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