Data Shred Stockport

The phone has just rung with an enquiry for some Data Shred in Stockport the company in question are an Accountants based just outside the town centre who have simply run out of space. This is a common reason that companies contact Document and Data Shred, also as we are based on their doorstep and we are able to provide a punctual door to door service.

As we are based just outside Stockport Data Shred is not the only service we offer, paper waste, floppy disks etc are also recycled at our Reddish recycling plant, this allows us to offer our customers the complete one stop shop, which is hugely important as we can guarantee throughout the process no other company handles their waste ensuring the highest level of security at all times.

We recently employed the services of a photographer to capture our Data Shred in Stockport, some of the shots were amazing! they actually made our recycling plant look glitzy and interesting, shame she couldn’t do the same for the lads working in the factory.

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